Kollmorgen Vented Connector for AKMH Motors

Kolmorgen has introduced a vented connector for its AKMH motors which ensures the motor and its cable maintains its IP69K rating.

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Kollmorgen has developed a vented connector for its AKMH motors.

  • Venting prevents water ingress during wash-down applications and thus premature failure of the motor's seals
  • Maintains venting feature of the AKMH
  • Ensures IP69K rating of motor and cable
  • Keeps in tact hygienic features of motor and caustic wash-down ratings of motor and cable
  • Assembly is applied to end of cable that exits AKMH motor, allowing motor to vent at connection point while maintaining IP69K rating
  • Allows use of either a wash-down mating cable, if cable is continuing through a wash-down zone, or a non-wash-down cable if connection point is placed outside of wash-down area



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