Amphenol Sine Systems DuraMate Series Connectors

Amphenol's AHDP DuraMate multi-pin thermoplastic circular connectors are environmentally sealed to withstand use in harsh operating environments.

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The AHDP DuraMate environmentally sealed multi-pin thermoplastic circular connector series from Amphenol Sine Systems provides an economical quick-connect bayonet locking system.

  • Withstands challenges and complexities of harsh environment off-road applications
  • Maintains compatibility with existing shell size 24 industry standard designs
  • Enhanced ergonomics via an easy grip coupling system help guarantee ease of use 
  • Visual and tactile indicators ensure reliable mating confirmation
  • Wire management improvements include two different back shell systems that thread onto the rear to provide strain relief and additional wire seal protection
  • Low cost, tie wrap option and fully enclosed back shell are interchangeable for specific application requirements
  • Rugged high performance capability is well suited for panel mount or in-line heavy-duty applications such as commercial vehicle, agriculture, construction or marine installations




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