Canfield Connectors Invests in M12 Production Techonology

Canfield’s manufacturing investments include dedicated engineering time and allocation of plant resources.

The M12 connector from Canfield Connector
The M12 connector from Canfield Connector
Canfield Connector

Canfield Connector has made production investments to its M12 round connector product line to further strengthen its commitment to customer satisfaction through unmatched quality and support. Customers will greatly benefit from the investments, enjoying a much wider array of available products with significantly reduced lead times.

Canfield’s manufacturing investments include dedicated engineering time, allocation of plant resources, and the investment of substantial financial resources to enhance and evolve the production process for the M12 connectors in its Youngstown, OH, plant.

“This investment not only allows us to greatly expand our existing product line, but also takes our custom design capabilities to another level,” said Nick Lam, Canfield Connector’s Chief Engineer. “We are able to directly match and exceed our competitors’ offerings and produce completely custom cordsets specifically for our customers’ needs, while offering shorter overall lead times.”

The M12 multi-pin, round connectors are made from a robust nylon housing that provides shock and vibration protection while maintaining an IP68/IP69K (Locked Position) environmental resistance rating. Ordering options include field-wireable or fully-molded versions, various pin configurations, cable lengths, and cable jacket options. The M12 design lends itself to sensors and automation applications. Other applications such as commercial electronics, process control, and industrial instrumentation also see beneficial results.

Using the company's ISO 9001:2015 quality system, each device passes through a rigorous and extensive testing process to ensure reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

“The M12’s domestic manufacturing and quick lead times, along with its competitive price and high quality, will help increase our market share and continue to build our respected Canfield Connector brand,” said Todd Harmon, Vice President of Canfield Industries. “We look forward to also producing our newly revamped M8 connector line within these next couple months.”