Vanner has introduced its Increased Accessory Power II (IAP II) system for full hybrid electrification.


Vanner Incorporated has introduced the next generation in 100% Hybrid Electrification with the unveiling of its Increased Accessory Power II (IAP II) component system, a customizable electric distribution platform which provides power distribution from the hybrid system to accessory components such as electric air conditioning systems, electric air compressors and electric power steering systems.

  • Makes available up to 30 kW of continuous export power from the Allison H 40/50 EP Hybrid 
  • Allows up to 100% electrification for Hybrid Buses and Coaches
  • Includes water-cooled Vanner Exportable Power Inverter (VEPI)
  • Produces 230 VAC 3-Phase for full bus electrification
  • Vanner High Voltage Distribution Module (HVDM) acts as a smart electrical grid for the hybrid bus and 80-Series Equalizer with Model Based Battery Monitoring (MBBM) for dynamic charging
  • Includes either a Single or Dual Hybrid Beltless Alternator for up to 600 amps-at-idle 24V DC charging


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