TYRI Debuts INTELLi Light System at INTERMAT 2018

The INTELLi light is a system which uses new Bluetooth technology to communicate wirelessly and by control, both automatically via light sensors and manually by remote.

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Industry leader in off-highway machine lighting solutions, TYRI, showcased its new generation of work lights at Intermat 2018 for the first time. The INTELLi light system is an advanced lighting suite that is set to change the way consumers interact with lighting whilst working in and around off-highway machines. Wireless, scalable, future-proof, and includes Anti-Theft function. 

TYRI’s new generation work lights focus on wireless communication and multifunctionality. The INTELLi light is a system that uses new Bluetooth technology to communicate wirelessly and is controlled, both automatically by lights sensors and manually by remote. 

The INTELLi light system’s innovative design means work lights can be organized into four groups of lights and programed to behave in a way that suits the operator and their colleagues on the ground. The number of lights is unlimited and can be set at the correct brightness, have one group of work lights on whilst others are switched off. 

By adding the SENSO device, the INTELLi light system can optimize the operators work environment. By letting SENSO register incoming light, SENSO can automatically dim the cabin lights to avoid the operator being dazzled by the strongest reflections from objects, such as the machine bucket. SENSO can also automatically dim down groups when another vehicle is close by and brighten when the vehicle has passed, to make a safe and more efficient working environment. 

The remote function keeps you safe when you approach or leave your vehicle, by letting you control the lights from both inside the cabin and around the machine. With the additional remote control supplied, ground personnel outside the machine will be able to influence the work lights, such as dim down too dazzling lights. 

INTELLi light is future-proof, which means that the system will be developed with future software and functionality and can adapt to user needs without having to be replaced. 

The Anti-Theft function ensures that the INTELLi light system can only be used on devices with the same unique ID, which makes the individual devices unusable in other INTELLi light systems. Likewise, purchased systems cannot be controlled or operated with other remote controls or 1010 lights and sensors. 

Christian Wadell, Global R&D Director at TYRI, says, "The INTELLi light system is at the forefront of lighting technology for work vehicles. It’s a wireless, scalable system where, the operator or colleagues working on the ground can dim the work lights up/down to get an optimized lighting environment. 

"Best of all, the system is future-proofed and will adapt and evolve with changing demands with future requirements. This system also opens up to new future user capabilities for both operators and OEMs."