AMETEK Dunkermotoren BG 65/BG 66 dMove Servomotors

AMETEK's Dunkermotoren division has introduced the BG 65/BG 66 dMove servomotors featuring completely new control electronics.

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Dunkermotoren GmbH, a unit of AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions, has launched the BG 65/BG 66 dMove servomotors as successors to its BG 65(S) servomotor.

  • Has same outward appearance as BG 65 Series with simple electronic controls
  • Mechanically interchangeable with previous versions
  • Features completely new control electronics
  • Already in I/O version
  • Electronic controls allow assignment of functions to digital inputs from simple speed control via analog inputs to fixed speeds via digital inputs or combinations of current and speed control
  • Digital outputs can also be assigned to functions
  • Performance has been optimized to achieve higher output power
  • Can be integrated as slaves in CANopen networks and controlled via profile CiA 402 or even simpler programming via Dunkermotoren quick start commands 
  • All operating functions, including positioning, speed and current, are available
  • Versions available that are controlled via RS485 interfaces, and with newly developed Drive Assistant 5 software that allows intuitive set up 
  • Suitable for wide variety of applications that do not require high-resolution encoder
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