Parker featuring variety of systems expertise for U.S. Military at AUSA

During AUSA 2015, Parker is showing its various solutions for use on military ground vehicles and other military equipment.

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Parker is featuring its technology expertise on military ground vehicles, aircraft, missiles and aircraft carriers during the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) annual meeting and exposition.

Electronic controls

Parker supports military ground vehicles with hardened mobile electronics subsystems that include hydraulic system controls for increased operating capacity and higher load cycles; both hydraulic and electric cooling fan-drive systems for improved vehicle operating ranges; and color displays with video capability for hitch alignment, backup cameras, exterior threat assessment and accurate vehicle status information.

Global Shield corrosion resistance

Parker has designed rod-coating technology to address the corrosion-resistance requirements of challenging industrial applications. This innovative technology significantly improves upon the corrosion resistance of traditional rod coatings and offers many benefits, including reduced friction, lower service costs, longer seal life, less downtime with reduced maintenance intervals, and environmentally safe with no chromium or hexavalence. Global Shield is ductile and tough, bending with rods; it has a minimum HRC 54 engineered hardness for wear resistance; and has exceptional interfacial adhesion and impact resistance.

Rear steering

Parker created a complete rear steering system for military vehicles that is lightweight and comes in a sub-assembled kit for simple, fast installation. Its cylinder/rod lock assembly was designed with Global Shield and intellinder position feedback. The system also includes a power unit and controller to isolate the rear steering circuit.

Hybrid technology

The in-hub electric motor combines multiple Parker commercial technologies into a single defense-focused package. This motor provides independent drive control for traction and turn radius, eliminating traditional chassis configuration and dramatically increasing ground clearance. Benefits of the motor include, silent run and watch operations; reduced vehicle signature; enhanced crew safety; increased fording capability; lower fuel consumption; and 600 hp in a small package.

Sealing and shielding

Parker produces several sealing and shielding solutions for military ground vehicles. Sealing options include innovative fuel filtration multiport sealing solutions, picture frame gaskets, oil pan seals that use Parker’s Gask-O-Seal, fabric-reinforced bellows, long-length splicing products, rotary axle seals and turret seals.

Parker’s EMI shielding and grounding solutions include conductive elastomers and coatings and mesh and metal gaskets. EMI shielding thermoplastics offer up to a 75% reduction in weight over metal. Shielded windows give high performance and optical clarity to laminated polycarbonate, acrylic, glass or cast windows. Using chemical-resistant hard coats, Parker’s enhancement displays provide increased optical filters with graphics. Parker’s thermal gap fillers and gels are highly conformable and fully cured, providing options for a wide range of configurations.


Parker’s broad system upgrade to the M9 Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE) has revolutionized the effectiveness of this critical warfighter vehicle. An advanced centralized control system features joystick controls and large LCD screens to display hydraulic and engine diagnostics and operational modes. Based on powerful, yet simple IQAN software, this system offers the benefits of reduced operator fatigue, improved visibility and data retrieval, and the elimination of mechanical linkages.

Operation and diagnostic data — including vehicle mode, pump and load pressures, fluid temperatures, RPM, oil and fuel levels, filter condition, air pressure and fault indication — is displayed on two IQAN-powered screens.

Offering track-tension and blade-fold control, Parker’s hydraulic junction and isolation circuit manifolds have been placed at strategic location on the vehicle, reducing lines and maintenance.

Parker has designed an enhanced aluminum reservoir for the M9 ACE that includes a health-monitoring sensor feature. Fewer pressure filters reduce the reservoir’s service requirements.

The load-sense, pressure-compensated Parker main hydraulic valve provides control of the apron, eject, suspension, bilge pump and winch functions. This valve uses electronic controls and pressure- and flow-limiting technology to reduce heat with variable pressure demands.

Parker’s P1 variable displacement pump technology is used for both the earthmoving and suspension systems, offering enhanced efficiency and performance.

Ejector, apron and bump-stop cylinders designed by Parker use advanced rod plating that withstand up to 1,000 hours of salt spray, and improved seals and harness depth for longer equipment life.

Operated by joysticks during earthmoving mode, Parker’s enhanced hydraulic suspension system on the M9 ACE has dramatically improved ease of use, while enhanced low-temperature seals have significantly lengthened reliability.

Parker’s fluid conveyance system on the vehicle includes corrosion-proof stainless-steel connections and tube lines, O-ring-faced seals for better sealing, diagnostic couplings, and Parker tracking system barcode labeling for simple identification and parts replacement. The system features the Parker super-tough cover hose — 450 times more abrasion resistant than a standard rubber hose.

Additional applications

As a global leader in the research, design, manufacture, and service of systems and components for the aerospace market, Parker Aerospace supports U.S. military aircraft and missiles. On the Boeing C-17, Parker provides the primary flight control actuation system and complete fuel system, in addition to fluid conveyance equipment, hydraulic pumps, engine pneumatic equipment, and the thrust reverser subsystem.

Parker Aerospace supplies the fuel system and flight control, hydraulic, wheel and brake, and engine components on the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. During AUSA, Parker is featuring its main rotor flight control actuator, which controls the helicopter’s main rotor pitch and roll. This actuator is ballistic tolerant, jam tolerant with fail-safe operating modes, and includes a pressure switch for hydraulic system failure detection.

Parker supplies the control actuation system on the U.S. Army’s Javelin portable anti-tank missile, using integrated control electronics and independent fin control to command the missile’s pitch, roll, and yaw
Aircraft carriers. Parker supplies electromechanical cylinders on the safety guarding barriers on aircraft carrier elevators. These cylinders use stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance, improved sealing to prevent environmental moisture contamination, and mechanical override for emergency operation.