Renault Trucks Adds Safety Features to Protect Road Users

The company offers new features on its C and K ranges to better protect drivers as well as other road users in cities and on job sites.

2019 01 Rt Csafety 02

Improving the safety of city-dwellers, drivers and their load is a constant concern for Renault Trucks. The manufacturer offers new features on its ranges C and K. Solutions that allow better integration of construction vehicles in the city or on site.

The integration of trucks in the traffic of large cities, which are becoming increasingly dense as well as the development of soft modes of travel require an ever greater consideration of security aspects.

Renault Trucks, which already equips its vehicles with numerous security systems, offers new security features. Simple, competitive and practical, these solutions meet customer requirements and improve the protection of vulnerable users in urban areas. 2019 01 Rt Csafety 2579 1

  • The park brake emergency application reduces the risk of unintended movement of the vehicle when the driver leaves the cab, automatically activating the wheel lock to immobilize the truck;
  • The driver's direct vision is improved thanks to a door window on the passenger side, allowing him to visualize any user on the roadway;
  • Indirect vision is enhanced by surveillance cameras placed around the vehicle. The pavement images are shown on the Roadpad + screen;
  • The detection of vulnerable users is promoted by means of presence sensors positioned outside the vehicle, on the opposite side to the driver. The latter receives an audible and visual alert in the cabin;
  • An external loudspeaker warns the vulnerable user when the vehicle is about to maneuver opposite the driver, when the vehicle is backing up or when the driver is using the arm of his equipment;
  • Two flashing repeaters come in addition to the loudspeaker for hearing impaired users or wearing headphones, for example.

In France, the emergency application of the parking brake and the indirect vision are already included in the catalog. Direct vision, detection of vulnerable users and the outdoor speaker will be available in the last quarter of 2019. 2019 01 Rt Csafety 2867

Some of these additional features were presented at the Renault Trucks France booth at the Pollutec show held in Lyon from November 27-30, 2018. The manufacturer had exhibited a concept vehicle on the basis of a Renault Trucks C 430 hp 6x2 carrier oriented security.

These safety systems are in addition to those already available on Renault Trucks trucks, such as the Advanced Emergency Brake System (AEBS), the Forward Collision Warning (FCW), the Lane Departure Warning System. (LKS), adaptive cruise control (ACC), electronic flight control (ESC), electric park brake, automatically engaged when the engine is shut down (EPB). For safe on-site driving, the trucks in the construction range are equipped with off-road and manual throttle as standard.