Low Temperature Coefficient Triaxial ICP Accelerometers

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A line of PCB single and triaxial ICP accelerometers are designed with a low temperature coefficient, wide operating temperature range, and good broadband measurement resolution, making them ideal for powertrain development and powertrain NVH applicalitons, or for any vibration measurement requiring tight control of amplitude sensitivity over a wide thermal gradient.

  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Operating temperature range -100 to 325 F (-73 to 163 C)
  • Temperature coefficient as low as 0.005%/F (0.009%/C)
  • Measurement range to 10 kHz
  • Built-in low pass filter to alleviate the effects of high frequency overloads caused by metal-to-metal inputs commonly encountered in powertrain vibration testing
  • Available in stud, adhesive, and through hole mounting configurations
  • Model TLD339A34 features TEDS
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