SoMAT Pressure Transducer

Hbm 10056637

Series SPT-HLS transducers are compact, heavy-duty, pressure instruments designed for both OEM industrial and off-road applications where accuracy, repeatability, and stability can not be compromised. This series utilizes a shock resistant thin film sensor as the pressure to electrical conversion element to maintain its accuracy over a wide temperature range, extreme dynamic conditions, and hostile environments. The sensors are designed to work with a multitude of fluids e.g. hydraulic oils, air, and water, and are protected from extreme EMI emissions. When combined with a proprietary amplification circuit, its typical accuracy class is 0.25% BFSL. Wetted metal parts are corrosion resistant stainless steel. They are available in eight pressure ranges from 150 psi up to 9000 psi and can be applied in critical closed loop operating systems. Each sensor carries the CE mark, designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality System requirements.

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