MEMSIC Announces 1 Billion MEMS Sensors Shipped

MEMSIC has shipped its 1 billionth MEMS sensor which features no moving parts and high shock and vibration tolerance for use in a variety of harsh operating conditions.

MEMSIC Inc. announces the shipment of its 1 billionth MEMS sensor. MEMSIC’s products, ranging from accelerometers to sophisticated inertial guidance systems, are used in a wide variety of applications including automotive safety systems, avionics, industrial controls, and consumer electronics.

MEMSIC’s patented thermal MEMS technology is unique in that it enables the industry’s first and only monolithic accelerometers, where both the MEMS sensor and the signal processing circuitry are implemented together on the same CMOS die. 

There are a number of unique benefits of this technology that have enabled tremendous commercial success across a number of different markets and applications. For example, the MEMSIC technology has no moving parts or resonance error, providing industry-leading vibration and shock tolerance (up to 200,000g), and excellent reliability. This is critical for challenging environments such as automotive, construction equipment, UAVs, and other applications where high performance and ruggedness are critical.

In addition, the monolithic manufacturing process, combined with state-of-the-art wafer bonding and wafer level packaging, make it the most advanced technology in the industry from a cost and size perspective. MEMSIC has developed the first and only monolithic, wafer-level packaged three-axis MEMS accelerometer, lowering costs by approximately 60%, and reducing solution size by 50%. Leading adopters include an array of mobile consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets, toys and wearable devices.

Another leading technology in MEMSIC’s portfolio is AMR magnetic sensor technology. MEMSIC’s portfolio of magnetic sensors integrates a three-axis AMR magnetic sensor plus signal-processing circuitry, all in an extremely small form factor as small as 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.5 mm. MEMSIC’s breakthrough AMR technology has widened the full scale range to ± 30 Gauss, while nearly eliminated issues with noise, and enabling 1 degree precision for electronic compasses. One of the unique differentiators of MEMSIC’s technology is its tolerance to very high interfering fields, virtually eliminating the requirement for “figure 8” user calibration. In 2016, MEMSIC received Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Award for its AMR technology.