Hyundai Introduces New Stage IV Wheeled Excavator Range at bauma

The new Hyundai HW140 and HW120 excavators include the company's Advanced Around View Monitoring System to provide operators with a 360-degree view around the machine.

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At bauma 2016, Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe introduced two new wheeled excavators – the HW140 and the HW210. These machines are the first wheeled excavators in the Hyundai range fitted with Stage IV compliant engines.

The new HW range of wheeled excavators are the perfect machines for both on- and off-road mobility and offer the highest performance and flexibility in a wide range of applications.

Fuel Efficient Engine

The HW140 and HW210 are fitted with an eco-friendly, high-performance 6-cylinder Cummins QSB6.7 engine, which ensures both excellent fuel efficiency and high power. The HW140 has an operating weight of 13,880 kg (30,600 lbs.) and is up to 15% more fuel efficient in truck loading and leveling in comparison to the 9-Series of machines.  

The HW210 has an operating weight of 21,200 kg (46,740 lbs.) and boasts up to 20% more fuel efficiency in truck loading and leveling. Both of the new models have a 90% reduction in PM and NOx in comparison to the 9-Series of machines.   

The machines have easy access to DEF/AdBlue Supply System – the tank is installed inside the tool box and its inlet is remotely located for easy access and convenient supply. Warning of overfill is given by a red lamp signal. The DEF/AdBlue supply module is attached on the side of the fuel tank for easy maintenance and filter replacement.

New Variable Power Control

The HW Series minimizes equipment input and output control signals to improve fuel efficiency. Its three-stage Power mode ensures the highest performance in any operating environment from heavy load work to light load work.

The ECO Gauge feature enables consistent economic operation through constant info on the machine’s operating state. The ECO gauge level changes color with the engine torque to improve the fuel efficiency level. In addition, fuel consumption is monitored, such as average rate and the total amount of fuel consumed which are displayed on the monitor.

IPC (Intelligent Power Control)

The IPC controls power control depending on work environments. Its mode can be selected and released on the monitor. On the excavation mode, pump flow can be easily controlled by a switch valve, reducing fuel consumption.

Electronic Viscous Fan Clutch

The electronic fan clutch reduces noise during operation by precisely controlling RPM depending on the hydraulic oil and coolant temperature of the working vehicle, and minimizes fuel consumption. It is also possible to reduce the warm-up time of hydraulic oil.

New Exterior Design for Robustness and Safety

Durability is the key with the HW Series and the machines promise excellent results in tough working environments. The upper and lower frame structure is extremely robust, as are the attachments, and can endure external shock and withstand high-intensity work, which has been proven through numerous tests including road tests and virtual simulation. The wear resistance of the bucket has been improved by the use of new material.

The HW Series improves lubrication of connecting parts between the equipment and attachments. Gaps with attachments are minimized by wear-resistant long-life pins, bushes and polymer shims, supporting the highest performance with invariable durability.

Hi-grade (high-pressure) hoses with improved heat and pressure resistance, are also used on the HW Series, which greatly increases the durability of the equipment.

New Cabin means more comfort for the operator

Low noise, low vibration and ergonomic design make the cabin space more comfortable and pleasant. With a focus on safety and convenience of operators, the HW Series allow rapid and safe equipment inspection anytime and anywhere, providing an optimal environment for operators to work.

New, Exclusive Safety Features

New safety features (available as an option) include Hyundai’s exclusive AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) System for 360-degree surround virtual operating view which displays on the 8-in. cluster-monitor. The system consists of an Around View Monitoring (AVM) system that gives a 360-degree surround virtual operating view and an Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) system that senses and warns the operator when objects move within 16.5 ft. (5 m) of the machine.

Hi-mate (Remote Management System) 

The HW Series is fitted with Hi-Mate as a standard, which is a remote management system, developed by HHI. Through its satellite powered technology, customers can now enjoy an unmatched level of service and product support. With one press of the button, users are able to remotely evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic information and verify the machine's location. It’s even possible to program a virtual ‘geo-fence’ to prevent the machine from leaving a specific area.

Other options available are a Swing Lock System which is designed to maintain stability when swing movement needs to be limited, improving operating speed and productivity and Fine Swing Control for customer’s convenience when users want to control fine swing.

Hyundai’s advanced infotainment system

Inside the cab operators will find the Intelligent and Wide Cluster. The 8-in. capacitive-type display (like smartphone display) of the HW Series is 30% larger than the previous model, which allows for easy reading. The centralized switches on the display allow convenience of checking the urea level for the DEF/AdBlue Supply System. The cluster also allows the operator to control the audio AUX, the air conditioning system and the heater. The wiper, lamps, overload warnings, travel alarm and inclination sensor are also controlled from the cluster to maximize operator’s convenience.

Haptic Control

The integrated jog shuttle-type haptic controller applies to the accelerator, remote air conditioner controller and operation of the cluster, allowing convenient operation. In the event of the haptic switch failing, the emergency mode is activated on the cluster to ensure fail-safe operation.

The machines also benefit from a new audio system which includes a radio player, a USB-based MP3 player, an integrated Bluetooth hands-free feature, and a built-in microphone that allow convenient phone calls while in work and on the move. The radio player was moved to the right side from the rear, allowing easier access.