WIKA Mobile Control gSENS LWG Length/Angle Sensors

The gSENS LWG length/angle sensors deliver functionally safe signals for length, angle and hoist limit switches.

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WIKA Mobile Control
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Redesigned for enhanced integration and reliability, the next-generation of WIKA Mobile Control's gSENS LWG length/angle sensors are flexible and configurable with different cable types and lengths, housings and signal transmission technologies.

  • Compact, robust design suits use in harsh environments 
  • Delivers one-to-one electrical and mechanical compatibility with all type 15x, 2xx, 3xx and 5xx gSENS LWG models and the corresponding PAT brand products
  • Modified to greatly speed up on-site installation without altering their mechanical design or electrical connections
  • Makes redesigning machines easier without the need for any design, electrical, mechanical or software-related modifications
  • Features electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61 000-6-2 standard
  • Supply voltage range from 8-30V DC
  • Redundant slip ring bodies are gold-alloy-plated
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Self-explanatory circuit board markings make it simple to replace modules
  • Standard connectors are equipped with spring terminals
  • Features EN 13849 performance level PL d/Cat. 3-compliant functional safety and delivers functionally safe signals for length, angle and hoist limit switches
  • Safe switching output is included to directly control the actuators, as well as an improved safety chain achieved by shortening the signal transmission process
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