SoMat Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Hbm 10056637

SoMat Sensors Series IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezoelectric) Accelerometers (SAPE-HLS) are low-cost, lightweight, ceramic shear accelerometers for modal and general vibration measurements. Welded and hermetically sealed, they are designed for long term reliability in the harshest of environments. SAPE-HLS Accelerometers are available in both single and tri-axes models; single axis models have an option on the sensitivity.IEPE transducers are piezoelectric sensors with built-in microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry. This circuitry requires a constant current excitation source that serves to convert the high-impedance charge signal into a low-impedance voltage signal. Signal conditioning for these type transducers is provided in SoMat eDAQ Systems through the High Level Layers (HLS) with the ICP-Type Signal Conditioning Module (EICP).

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