AX06025X series inclinometers, tilt sensors

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Axiomatic's family of inclinometers and tilt sensors has a series of new low cost units that can measure ±90º degrees or 360 degrees angular rotation. The AX06025X series features CANopen networking, a RS-232 port or 3 Voltage Outputs for communicating the angular measurement.

• Measures inclination angle in two orthogonal sensing directions X and Y in the range of up to ±90º

• Vertically installed, it can measure an inclination angle in one sensing direction in the ±180º (0-360º) range

• Angles measured by a two-axis MEMS sensor, which senses acceleration caused by the gravity force

• Output signals from the MEMS sensor are processed by microcontroller to receive inclination angles; resolved angles can be then sent to the CAN bus, RS232 port or output as 3 0-5V signals

• For J1939 models, application programming is performed by the PC-based Axiomatic Electronic Assistant software

• CANopen models, application programming is achieved via standard and commercially-available tools

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