HS35R Hollowshaft Encoder

Dynapar's HS35R is a rugged-duty encoder which features a wide operating temperature range phased-array sensor for stable output.

Hs35r 150 10093893
Dynapar 10056441

The HS35R rugged-duty encoder from Dynapar works well for precision agriculture applications such as planting/seeding rate indication.

  • Includes 400g shock rating, optional -40 to 100 C temperature range, and unbreakable code disc
  • Through-bore hollow shaft mounting eliminates couplings that can cause maintenance issues
  • Advanced phased-array sensor provides stable output even in high shock or vibration situations
  • RoHS and CE compliant 
  • IP67 rating, hard anodized and powder-coated finish enhances durability
  • Larger bearings are employed for greater load capability and longer life
  • Uses “captured” bearings with retaining bolts to improve manufacturability and resistance to run-out
  • Bearings captured through a heating and cooling process of encoder base during assembly
  • Features electrical and thermal isolation on shaft hub using composite materials
  • Connection options employ popular MS, M12, and new bayonet-style connectors
  • Slightly larger external dimensions accommodate more rugged bearing structure
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