F2226 Tension/Compression Force Transducers

The F2226 tension/compression force transducers from tecsis have the ability to measure forces up to 3,300 kN.

Zugdruckkraftaufnehmer F2226 10283089

The tension/compression force transducers F2226 from tecsis GmbH are ideally suited for heavy lifting applications, as they are available with nominal forces up to 3,300 kN.

  • Integrates directly into line of force
  • Applies load via two threaded pins located on each side of cylindrical body
  • Stainless steel housing, which fulfills IP67, can be used in extremely harsh industrial environments
  • Allows nominal forces from 10 kN up to 3,300 kN
  • Total accuracy is 0.15% or 0.2% of full scale depending on nominal force
  • Applications include use in lifting equipment, special machinery, production lines, measurement and monitoring facilities
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