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The company's history shows that it has always opened up new fields of measuring and sensor technology and implemented innovative solutions. An inquisitive mind is very much the tradition at tecsis. A large number of the employees work on development and engineering tasks to expand the range of products with new technologies, processes and materials. The innovative strength is evident in the big share of turnover tecsis achieves with products that are on the market for a maximum of two years. With this strategy, the company positions itself clearly as a supplier of systems and solutions. The strength of the company lies in the development of cost efficient solutions resulting from requirements coming from customers applications. The specialist for measuring technology with approximately 230 employees achieves a turnover of approx¬imately 50 million Euro.

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Carl-Legien-Str. 40
D 63073 Offenbach am Main
Phone:+49 69 5806-0
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