SCR System DEF Combination Sensor

SSI Technologies introduces a combination sensor which monitors DEF temperature-level concentration.

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SSI Technologies Inc. announces the launch of an SCR System DEF combination sensor to monitor urea level, temperature and concentration. These sensors are designed to meet pending worldwide emissions regulations that will require on- and off-road OEMs to monitor DEF quality and concentration for mandated emissions control associated with SCR systems.

  • Utilizes ultrasonic technology
  • Features an in-tank design with OBD capability
  • Provides various critical measures and capabilities
  • Offers detection of 10% or greater water dilution of DEF
  • Detects DEF contaminants such as diesel fuel, water, windshield washer fluid, brakes fluid, motor oil, gasoline and anti-freeze
  • Includes high resolution (0.5 mm) DEF level monitoring for OEM operator information
  • Provides immediate operator notification of any diesel miss-fills in DEF tank
  • Accurately monitors temperature (+/- 3 C) for DEF heating management
  • Offers redundant indication of empty DEF tank
  • Features J1939 CAN-Bus technology for ready system integration
  • Programmable for profiling to regular or irregular/odd shaped DEF tanks
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