Temperature Measurement Devices

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Madison Company's stand-alone temperature probe line complements its application-specific temperature sensors and combination level-temperature switches.                  

  • J, T and type K thermocouples in configurations ranging from bare wire to MgO-insulated, 316 stainless steel sheathed probes. These are ideal for measuring environmental temperatures in industrial applications such as engines.
  • TD temperature probes provide a change in physical parameter that corresponds to a temperature change. RTDs offer platinum thin-film accuracy and stability and are used in many fuel, refrigerant and other liquid storage applications.
  • Madison-Omni RTDs provide the accuracy of RTD probes with the easy-to-use convenience of the user-programmable Madison-Omni display interface. This compact unit features adjustable limits and alarm points, with an integrated LED alarm light.
  • Thermistors are offered in either NTC (negative temperature coefficient), or PTC (positive temperature coefficient). They are highly accurate, but they offer a limited temperature range. Their high output and fast response time make them popular for use in off-highway vehicle’s fuel, coolant and storage systems.
  • Bi Metal Snap Action Switches are relatively inexpensive, bimetallic temperature sensors. They use either creep or snap action and are often utilized as an inexpensive over-temperature thermal cutoff.
  • Temperature sensor kits provide the plug-and-play ability for temperature measurement and/or process control. Each kit includes hardware and complete wiring and installation instructions. 
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