IC-18 ISOBUS Automatic Rate Control Sprayer

TeeJet introduces its IC-18 Sprayer, a fully featured ISOBUS automatic rate control device which offers precise application of liquids.

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TeeJet Technologies announces the commercial availability of its IC-18 Sprayer, which offers ISOBUS automatic rate control designed for precise application of liquids. 

  • Can be used with field sprayers, liquid fertilizer application or anhydrous ammonia toolbars
  • Works with virtual terminals commonly standard in newer tractors, resulting in fewer consoles to clutter the cab and better integration with other precision farming systems
  • TeeJet BoomPilot ECU, an ISOBUS-based automatic section control module, is an optional accessory to the sprayer
  • BoomPilot ECU maintains map of all areas of field that have been applied and automatically switches off sprayer, fertilizer or toolbar section that enters an applied area
  • IC-18 and BoomPilot ECU can control up to 10 individual sections
  • For situations requiring a virtual terminal, the Matrix 570 VT is available
  • Matrix 570 VT is ISOBUS compliant and acts as in-cab user interface to TeeJet and other third-party ISOBUS control modules
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