Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor

TeeJet introduces the Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor which provides instant notification of clogs, damage or misalignment of spray tips.

Teejet Sentry6140 W Ram Low Al 11140309
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The Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor from TeeJet Technologies provides operators with instant notification when a spray tip is clogged, damaged, lost or misaligned leading to abnormal flow rate.

  • Alarms make operators aware of problem while graphic display shows location of the affected nozzle
  • Immediate detection of plugged tips can prevent yield loss due to increased localized pest pressure or prevent the need for re-application
  • Flow performance is precisely measured and monitored from every spray tip on the boom by a compact, turbine-style flow meter integrated into the nozzle body
  • Flow meter detects flow variations
  • Alerts are sent if a tip’s flow rate deviates from the average flow rate of the remaining tips on the boom
  • Can be used with a wide range of TeeJet single- and multiple-outlet nozzle bodies
  • Long wearing materials are used in bearing surfaces to ensure a consistent flow reading
  • Flow meter sensor is mounted externally to prevent any direct contact with the spray solution for long-term reliability
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