Scania Opticruise

Scania Opticruise has been revised including a new gearchanging strategy. Choose between a fully automated version with an automatic clutch, and a classic version with a clutch pedal.

Scania's Opticruise, one of the first automated gear changing systems on the market, has been refined in many steps over the years. The concept of a standard mechanical gearbox remains, but the system has been extensively revised with improved mechanical components and entirely new software.The gear changing strategy has been re-developed to provide improved functionality, comfort and convenience, as well as capacity for future refinements. 

  • Designed to continually adapt to the environment, taking into account factors such as road inclination, train weight and engine characteristics, as well as the position of the accelerator pedal to match the response to the speed of the pedal movement
  • Features a Power mode that adapts the gear changing strategy for maximum engine performance 
  • Scania Ecocruise, hill-hold, Scania Retarder and ACC (adaptive cruise control) are fully integrated functionally, if fitted 
  • Electrohydraulic control of the automatic clutch allows for high-precision maneuvering
  • Neutral is engaged instead of low range when braking from low speed, e.g. for a roundabout or stoplight, to ensure smooth, safe and comfortable driving; the system then prepares the most suitable gear, which is immediately engaged when the accelerator is depressed
  • Rocking forward or backward is automatically enabled when needed; the system identifies the need for rocking by comparing the rotation of the drive wheels with that of the front wheels
  • Automatic clutch operates independently of driver skills and is programmed to engage fully already at low engine revs. Clutch actuation is also adapted to the information from the inclination sensor and to the required starting gear
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