X-63i 3D Indicate System for Excavators

The X-63i 3D indicate system for excavators from Topcon uses GNSS technology and machine sensors to help increase excavation efficiency through more precise machine control.

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Topcon Positioning Group announces an addition to its machine control line of products – the X-63i 3D indicate system for excavators.

  • Combines GNSS global positioning technology and machine sensors with heavy-duty GX-60 touchscreen color display to provide easy-to-use system for increased excavation efficiency
  • Upgradeable to Topcon’s fully automatic excavator systems
  • MC-i3 GNSS receiver is Sitelink3D ready, providing option of integration into Topcon’s real-time job site management solution 
  • Provides operator with all information needed to expedite excavation tasks
  • Enables operator to ‘see’ machine’s exact position in relation to the site for precise positioning over utility centerlines
  • Allows operator to see the position of bucket teeth compared to finish design, helpful in deep cuts, blind excavations or when working around structures
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