Case introduces new correction data and services for Advanced Farming Systems

Case IH has introduced new correction data and service for its Advanced Farming Systems which extends RTK positioning data if the data stream becomes temporarily unavilable.

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Case IH now offers interesting innovations in Advanced Farming Systems for all Case IH tractors and harvesting machines. These include new correction data and a new service that extends conventional RTK positioning data for several minutes if the RTK correction data stream should become temporarily unavailable. This system greatly improves the functional reliability and performance of auto guidance systems.

Case IH RangePoint RTX –ideal for new users and all working widths

RangePoint RTX is a new and highly reliable correction system available right now for Case IH tractors and combines with a maximum pass-on-pass deviation of just 15 centimeters and a repeat accuracy of 50 centimeters.

As a result, this correction signal is ideal at a cost-effective entry level for assisted steering and automatic guidance systems and applications using different working widths.

The RangePoint RTX signal contains correction data for both GPS and Glonass satellite signals, and can be used with the Case IH AFS372 receivers and FM750 or FM1000 monitor screens.

A key advantage in the field is that full accuracy can be achieved in less than five minutes. In addition, RangePoint RTX correction data is available via satellite throughout Europe. If the correction signal is not available – due to shadowing for example – AFS systems with RangePoint RTX continue to operate automatically for up to two minutes. This ensures that continuous operation is possible in the field. Special hardware – such as modems or new receivers – is not required.

Moreover, RangePoint RTX is available free-of-charge in the first year when a subscription is requested in 2013. Entry-level Precision Farming is now a great deal more attractive for farmers in Europe – especially thanks to a pass-on-pass guidance precision of 15 centimeters.

Case IH CenterPoint RTX – guidance accuracy and repeatability of four centimeters possible without reference station

CenterPoint RTX is the 'big brother' of RangePoint RTX. Based on the same technology – known as absolute positioning – CenterPoint RTX increases positioning accuracy to below four centimeters.

This service is also compatible with the new AFS372 receiver as well as FM750 and FM1000 monitors. CenterPoint RTX also contains correction data for both GPS as well as Glonass satellite signals. An active CenterPoint RTX subscription also enables the Glonass functionality in the FM750 and FM1000 displays at no charge, providing farmers free-of-charge access to Glonass satellite signals. The additional Glonass signals improve the reliability of the receiver positioning system – especially useful during times of marginal GPS satellite availability. A base station is not needed when using CenterPoint RTX. Owners of compatible AFS monitors can easily make use of the new signal by updating their equipment firmware and requesting an activation code from their Case IH dealer.

Case IH xFill makes RTK technology even more reliable

Case IH xFill is a new service for all Case IH Advanced Farming System (AFS) users, which makes RTK positioning data available for several minutes, even if the RTK correction signal is lost due to shadowing or mobile communications issues.

Using new xFill technology, RTK standard signals are supported during downtime if the GSM cellular data network is overloaded or the receiver is shadowed from RTK correction signals coming from a traditional base station radio.

The new xFill function becomes available as soon as the RTK signal is lost. Because there are no delays, work can continue uninterrupted. In the field, it is thus possible to bridge any failures in mobile communications and internet networks, which are the main causes for losing RTK correction data.

For xFill to become active, it is not necessary to have received RTK signals for a specific period beforehand. xFill is ready for action immediately after the first start signal and can bridge RTK signal loss up to 20 minutes from the first second of signal failure.

Work can continue uninterrupted thanks to the seamless availability of positioning data. The AFS equipment is supplied with data of suitable accuracy by xFill for up to 20 minutes. As a result, sporadic reception of RTK signals will no longer have an influence on the work in progress in the field. This means less downtime and considerably more productivity. A software update of AFS monitors and receivers is required to make use of Case IH xFill.