Cat Grade Control now standard on 323F hydraulic excavators with 9.6-foot stick

Integrated Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope technology is now standard on Caterpillar's 323F Hydraulic Excavators with a 9.6-foot stick and standard reach boom.

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Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope, a Cat Connect Grade technology, is now standard on Cat 323F hydraulic excavators sold in North America with the 9.5 foot stick and standard reach boom. This 2D system is integrated into the machine’s standard monitor and indicates real-time positioning and cut-and-fill information to assist operators with efficiently and accurately achieving consistent depth and slope grades without guesswork. This results in faster times to complete work with fewer passes, increased fuel savings and minimal expense for grade staking and checkers. Significant productivity increases of up to 35% and documented fuel savings of up to 6% have been achieved with the system.

Cat Grade Control is integrated into the machine at the factory. Sensors and components are built into the machine, which reduces the risk of theft or damage during operation, protects the customer’s investment, and increases machine resale value. And, because Caterpillar technology on Cat machines is optimized to work as a system, it offers reliable performance so customers can work with confidence.

Integrated joystick buttons allow operators to adjust grade settings without removing hands from the controls, while the display provides a simple environment for the operator to interact with the system. Audible warning indicators can be activated to alert the operator if the bucket cutting edge or tip is above, on, or below grade.

Additionally, height and depth limit alerts can be set to warn the operator if the linkage or bucket approaches a predefined elevation or depth, such as when digging near water lines, or in areas with low ceilings.

Cat Grade Control is easy to use, requiring only that the operator references a vertical starting point to “benchmark” the system – either by touching a known point, such as a hub or stake, or by referencing a laser beam from a transmitter located on the job site. The operator simply enters the desired depth and slope into the display and is ready to begin digging to grade.

Light bars on the display provide visual guidance, supplemented by audible alerts. If the machine is repositioned, the operator simply passes the integrated stick-mounted laser catcher through the laser beam and when the system detects the laser signal, grade data and guidance indicators are updated in real-time There is no need to re-bench the system each time. Sensors measure boom, stick, and bucket movements, while the grade display indicates how much the operator needs to adjust the bucket up or down to reach target grade.

If advanced capability is required, Cat customers can easily upgrade to the Cat AccuGrade system with 3D grade control to help customers achieve precise results on complex designs. The machine comes pre-wired from the factory and with rear-mast mounts for easy upgradeability.