ESX-3XL Freely Programmable Electronic Control Unit

STW Technic introduces its ESX-3XL freely programmable electronic control unit with a 32 bit microcontroller.

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The ESX-3XL is a freely programmable electronic control unit from STW Technic. It is conceived specifically for applications in modern work vehicles.

  • Features 32 bit microcontroller (Tricore TC1796, 150MHz), 6MB Flash, 4MB RAM and 32kB EEPROM
  • Offers flexibility and scalability through intuitive software configuration, and a building block system based around six customer-defined expansion boards
  • Inputs and outputs are configurable through software
  • 28 multi-function inputs can be used as current, voltage, digital or frequency inputs
  • Base unit has four CAN and one RS-232 interfaces
  • For customer specific applications, all six expansion boards is allocated 14 pins in one of main connectors
  • Available expansion boards include RS232/RS485, Real Time Clock, additional data memory, incremental encoder inputs, and additional PVG, digital and PWM outputs
  • Customer specific expansion boards can be developed
  • Electronics are enclosed in a robust and compact housing of die-cast aluminum
  • Connector system has built-in protection against human errors in orientation or order of vehicle side connectors 
  • Application software can be developed in C/C++ using included ESX-3XL BIOS, or graphically in accordance with IEC1131-3 (SPS style programming using CoDeSys)
  • Additional software libraries, such as CANopen, J1939 or error handling routines, Matlab/Simulink integration package, are available
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