Controls Integration Provides Complete Controls and Instrumentation for Tier 4 Final Engines

The newly formed company works with OEM customers to develop and provide complete plug-and-play control systems packages.

Responding to the industry-wide need for a more complete controls and instrumentation approach for the latest Tier 4 Final (T4F) diesel engines from the wide range of companies offering them - Controls Integration has recently been established in the Minneapolis, MN, area to serve the global marketplace. The company mandate is to fully support this important requirement.

The newest engines are just too complex and the emissions, operational, maintenance and safety requirements too advanced for engine users to not have someone specialized in this critical area ensure technical compliance along with a consistent and complete customer interface,” states John Madey, the recently appointed Director of Sales for this new company. The task of addressing these needs is daunting for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and must be given focused attention.

Controls Integration has now been fully capitalized, staffed, and outfitted in order to take on the entire development of such complete systems - both hardware and software - from the engine portion itself out to the operator’s fingertips - utilizing popular and familiar sources for major components but also able to readily integrate a customer’s particular preferences and legacy products - thereby able to seamlessly incorporate the ongoing look and feel of the OEM’s products while meeting the new T4F engine requirements.

“We’re unique in that while we primarily develop complete control systems packages - starting with the OEM to establish initial requirements and finally resulting in the timely delivery of a specific assembly for plug and play usage on an engine,” adds Madey. “We can also take what a customer might have already been using and fully transform it into a primary operational feature of a machine - thereby enhancing overall functionality and commercial appeal.”