Danfoss PLUS+1 MC018 High-Current Controller

The Danfoss PLUS+1 MC018 high-current controller has a maximum total current of 160A and maximum steady state current of 120A.

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Danfoss Power Solutions has released the MC018 high-current controller as part of the PLUS+1 microcontrollers family.

  • For the control of high-current devices
  • Features maximum total current of 160A and maximum steady state current of 120A
  • Higher maximum current allows more devices to be simultaneously powered by one controller, reducing number of controllers needed and total system cost
  • Can run up to 4kHz at maximum load and up to 20kHz at reduced load 
  • Higher frequency makes it possible to control in-cab applications with smoother and higher precision of control, all with a reduced noise level
  • Programmability helps improve control 
  • Compliant with PLUS+1 platform of pre-engineered function blocks to enable OEMs to program functions that would otherwise require extra time or components
  • Includes “soft fuse” feature — a programmable fuse that can be set to switch when current is above a certain value — which provides enhanced safety performance
  • Separate power supply for logic circuit safety feature keeps controller running even when outputs have short-circuited
  • Meets fault detection requirements
  • Provides power and control to various machine applications, such as linear actuators, windshield wipers, fan drive, lamps and lights, engine starter, leveling control, sprinkler system, active suspension, and more
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