DTS SLICE NANO IEPE Data Acquisition System

The SLICE NANO IEPE data acquisition system from DTS can be embedded in any test article and withstands impacts up to 500 g.

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DTS (Diversified Technical Systems) introduces SLICE NANO IEPE, the latest in its rugged data acquisition lineup.

  • Features footprint of only 26 x 46 mm (1.0 x 1.8 in.)
  • Can be embedded in virtually any test article
  • Withstands impacts up to 500 g, meets MIL-STD-810-E, and does it all on standard batteries
  • Used in a variety of critical test applications for automotive, aerospace, military, and sports and safety equipment
  • Configurable from three channels to 24 per stack
  • Can be daisy-chained for large test set-ups
  • Records for hours samples from 10-500,000 sps/channel
  • Data direct-writes to 16 GB flash memory
  • Supports IEPE (piezo-electric) sensors, as well as works with bridge, MEMS, strain, load and temperature sensors
  • Completely autonomous system with thermal characteristics that allow a user to ‘embed it and forget it’
  • Can be mounted directly on wings, drive shafts, rotors, wheel hubs or other test article, eliminating complicated cable runs which can affect data fidelity
  • Handles applications where onboard power access is not available as it can easily be powered using standard battery packs
  • Low power draw and 9-15V DC input range
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