HYDAC HMG 4000 Portable Data Recorder

HYDAC's HMG 4000 portable data recorder measures all variables within a hydraulic system including pressure, temperature and flow rate.

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The HMG 4000 portable data recorder from HYDAC is a portable measurement and data acquisition device.

  • For all measured variables in relation with hydraulic systems, such as pressure, temperature, flow rate and linear position
  • Provides high flexibility, even when it comes to evaluating other measured variables
  • Main applications are servicing, maintenance or test rigs
  • Features easy-to-operate user interface due to large 5.7 in. (144.78 mm) touchscreen
  • Can be connected to existing CAN network
  • Measures inputs for standard sensors with current and voltage signals
  • Able to record dynamic processes of a machine in the form of a measurement curve and render them as a graph
  • Capable of recording up to 38 sensors at once, eight analogue, two digital sensors and 28 HCSI sensors via CANbus
  • Up to 100 measurement channels can be depicted simultaneously
  • Features high-speed sampling rate, up to eight sensors at 0.1 ms at a time
  • Analogue inputs 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
  • Voltage 0-50V, -10-10V
  • Practical, robust design
  • Large data memory for archiving measurement curves
  • Enables storage of 500 measurements with up to 8 million measured values
  • Measurement modes include normal measuring, fast curve recording and long-term measurements
  • Enables PC interface via USB
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