CRESCENT P206 and P207 GNSS OEM Boards

Hemisphere GNSS has introduced its Crescent P206 and P207 modules enabling OEMs to integrate GPS, GLONASS and other satellite signals into their equipment designs.

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Hemisphere GNSS' Crescent P206 and P207 OEM modules use GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou, and are Galileo and QZSS ready.

  • Enables the ability to rack more signals for unparalleled positioning performance even in challenging environments
  • Provides compact size and easy integration
  • P206 module is a 34 pin, drop-in upgrade for many Hemisphere products
  • P207 is a drop in upgrade for existing Crescent designs using standard 20 pin modules from other manufacturers
  • DGPS and SBAS with patented COAST software enables Hemisphere receivers to utilize previous DGPS and SBAS correction data during times of interference, signal blockage and weak signal
  • Receiver will coast and continue to maintain sub-meter positioning for up to 40 minutes without any DGPS signal
  • When corrections are only for one GNSS constellation, for example GPS using SBAS, patented SureTrack models all other satellites, helping maintain an accurate solution in challenging environments
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