Vector V104 GPS Compass

The Vector V104 GPS Compass from Hemisphere GNSS provides better than 2 degree heading accuracy.

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Hemisphere GNSS announces the Vector V104, the world’s smallest high-accuracy, dual-receiver GPS compass and the latest addition to its innovative precise heading and positioning product line.

  • Provides better than 2 degree heading accuracy and sub-meter DGPS position accuracy without requiring maintenance or calibration
  • Immune to magnetic interference
  • Based on company’s patented Crescent Vector technology
  • Features two integrated GPS antennas, multi-axis gyro and tilt sensor
  • Dual integrated antennas provide both heading and position data
  • Gyro and tilt sensor improve system performance and provide backup heading information if the GPS-based heading is ever lost
  • Crescent technology provides highly accurate code phase management and outstanding multipath mitigation for accuracy and stability
  • Compact design makes for easy installation
  • Offers choice of either serial or NMEA2000 communications
  • Well suited for wide array of applications, especially in the marine, GIS Mapping and machine control markets




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