Altus APS-U being used for machine control of Orteco automated pile driver

Altus' APS-U GNSS RTK receivers are being used to provide machine control of the Orteco driverless tracked pile driver.

Orteco, a specialized manufacturer of pile driving machines based in northern Italy, has introduced a new series of robotic pile drivers using APS-U GNSS RTK receivers from Altus Positioning Systems. The products are being supplied to Orteco by Altus’ parent company Septentrio NV.

The driverless tracked crawler maneuvers automatically under control of the APS-U, which provides centimeter-level position coordinates and heading information within 0.3 degrees, following a project map loaded into the machine’s computer. It automatically drives itself to each location, positions the mast and drives the post in a perfectly vertical position, stopping the installation at exactly the desired height, then moves automatically to the next spot.

The Altus APS-U-HDG is a high-precision 272-channel GPS/GLONASS/SBAS receiver with dual antennas designed to provide highly accurate heading and position for machine control applications. Cased in a rugged MIL-STD-810C aluminum housing, the instrument is built to the most rigorous standards for waterproofing, humidity, dust, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Orteco is building the GNSS-controlled pile driver in various configurations for applications such as photovoltaic farms, fences, roadside barriers and agriculture. It makes pile driving jobs faster, safer and more accurate with fewer workers, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

“The Orteco machines provide a perfect demonstration of the ruggedness, power and performance of the APS-U as a highly accurate heading and positioning sensor in one of the most demanding environments imaginable,” says Altus CEO Neil Vancans. “In extensive tests conducted by Orteco, the APS-U receivers proved themselves up to the task, performing reliably under the constant heavy pounding and vibration of the pile driver.”

Based in Bologna, Orteco is a specialized manufacturer focused on pile driving with a 40-year history. In 2011, the company reached a milestone of 1,000 pile drivers produced and distributed all over the world. The company’s GNSS-controlled agricultural pile driver, designed to install posts in large vineyards, was recognized as a winner of the Innovation Challenge Enovitis in campo 2014 by Unione Italiana Vini and Veronafiere.