Topcon forms partnership with Ascending Technologies for UAS distribution

Topcon's new partnership will enable it to globally distribute Unmanned Aerial Systems from Ascending Technologies.

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Topcon Positioning Group announces a worldwide distribution partnership with Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) provider Ascending Technologies. The agreement gives Topcon exclusivity for the global distribution of the AscTec Falcon 8 rotary-wing model, the GeoEXPERT and the InspectionPRO sensing and feature packages.

“We are excited to add the brand new Topcon Falcon 8, powered by Ascending Technologies, to our scope of aerial mapping solutions,” says Eduardo Falcon, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Topcon GeoPositioning Solutions Group. “By distributing both core target models on a worldwide level, Topcon can offer more end users the flexibility and proven advances that these patented rotary-wings systems provide for survey, inspection and monitoring applications.” The Topcon-branded UAS includes the latest AscTec Trinity autopilot technology.

Based in Germany, Ascending Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of micro UAS for professional, civil and research use. “The AscTec Falcon 8 has been in series production since 2009 and still is the first choice UAS of world market leading inspection and surveying service providers,” says Jan Stumpf, one of the four CEOs and co-founder of Ascending Technologies.

“We are proud that our proven and advanced technology can now be easily accessed throughout the world. With the help of Topcon and its reseller network we can provide our high standards of support and customer service everywhere. This partnership gives us the freedom to continue the development of game-changing technologies our customers need while quickly extending our active fleet of reliable UAVs,” says Stumpf.