Latest version of LHP Telematics' Equipment Intelligence includes updates to the fault code interface and maintenance section

LHP Telematics has released a new version of its Equipment Intelligence web portal which features scheduled and non-scheduled fleet reports and updates to the maintenance section as well as fault coder interface.

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LHP Telematics has released version of the Equipment Intelligence web portal. The new version includes scheduled and non-scheduled fleet reports, updates to the fault code interface, and updates to the maintenance section.

Non-Scheduled Reports are fleet reports that update in real-time (previously known as Fleet Views). Users can create non-scheduled reports that are unique to their user account, while administrative users can create non-scheduled reports that are available to all users in the company account. OEMs and distributors can also have non-scheduled reports that cascade down to their subcustomers. All data in non-scheduled reports can be downloaded by users.

Scheduled Reports are created by admin users, and OEMs and distributors can have scheduled reports that cascade down to customers. These reports run on a user-defined schedule, which can either be a Day of the Week or a Day of the Month schedule. Scheduled Reports have subscribers, who receive the reports in either PDF or CSV format in an email. Subscribers do not have to be users of the system.

The Faults interface has been updated to show the most recent faults reported by the asset. Clicking on the name of the Fault will show all the reported instances of that fault. Fault notification emails will also be sent out every half hour.

The Maintenance Plans section was also updated. Maintenance Plans can be applied to an OEM Equipment Model or an Asset Type. Maintenance alerts are also batched and sent out to subscribers at one time. At midnight, the system will check for any assets that entered a Pending or Overdue maintenance state, and will send an email to subscribers with all of the pending or overdue assets.