Machine Control and Automation are Improving Machine Operator Capabilities

Tom Hansen of Topcon says advancements in machine control and automation are helping improve operators' skills while also attracting a younger generation to the heavy equipment industry.

Our editor discusses some of the automation trends currently seen in the heavy equipment industry with Tom Hansen, Senior Director, Global OEM Development and Sales, Topcon Positioning Systems.

Advancements in machine control and automation are making a good operator a great one, says Hansen. These technologies are also making it easier for younger generations to enter the industry by reducing the learning curve and enabling them to utilize technology they are familiar with in their personal life such as touchscreens.

Be sure to read our full Q&A with Tom from our October 2021 State of the Industry issue for more insights into current industry trends.

*Editor's Note: This interview was filmed during MINExpo 2021 where mask wearing was required

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