Topcon launches Tierra and Sitelink3D mobile apps

Topcon has announced the launch of its Topcon Tierra and Sitelink3D mobile apps which enable on-the-go connections to equipment and job sites.

Sitelink3 D App Topcon
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Topcon Positioning Group announces the addition of two new mobile applications available for download on the Apple App Store. Topcon Tierra and Sitelink3D mobile apps are designed to offer on-the-go remote connections to equipment and job sites. 

The Topcon Tierra mobile app lets customers login with their existing passwords and track their equipment fleets from an iPhone or iPad. “The Topcon Tierra app allows users to easily check on their fleets, fences, productivity reports and get alerts any time, anywhere,” says Kris Maas, Construction Products Marketing Manager. The Topcon Tierra mobile app is available to download at no charge.

Customers can also more conveniently manage and monitor job sites with the new Topcon Sitelink3D mobile app. “The Sitelink3D app lets users visualize real-time project management information on their iPhone or iPad with their existing Sitelink3D logins,” says Maas. “Remote connection to equipment within Sitelink3D is easier than ever with the addition of the app.” The Sitelink3D mobile app is available for purchase on the Apple App Store.