DuraFlex Ultra High Fatigue Life Rubber

Engineered Plastics Solutions Group (EPSG) announces the release of a high fatigue life rubber blend called DuraFlex.

Duraflex 10168605
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Engineered Plastics Solutions Group (EPSG) of Norwood, MA, is excited to announce the release of its rubber blend called DuraFlex. EPSG material experts worked with Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL) to create a natural rubber blend that would survive in the toughest, most abusive shock and vibration applications.

  • High resiliency and fatigue life
  • 0 degree F rise when put through the Goodrich Flexometer test
  • EPSG has run repeated fatigue life tests on the material and has not been able to fail it in a customer application
  • Can be molded in black or most any other color
  • Ideal applications are shock and vibration isolation such as engine mounting, cooling system mounting, motor mounting, vibratory equipment applications, and military applications
  • Material comes in a range of durometers
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