ARKU Model 120-200 FlatMaster Leveler

ARKU's FlatMaster leveler is able to level steel parts up to 1.675 in. thick and 78 in. wide.

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The model 120-200 ARKU FlatMaster leveler is the largest FlatMaster parts leveler in North America, and is designed to help heavy equipment OEMs meet their specifications for flatter steel plate parts.

  • Capable of leveling parts up to 1.675 in. thick and 78 in. wide
  • Able to stress relieve parts, making them much easier to weld or bend
  • Can adapt the leveling force to varying shapes such as circles, triangles and parts with openings
  • Servo-hydraulic system recognizes any change in the required force in a fraction of a second and adjusts to maintain a precise gap