Solvaro's Perforated Sheet Metal Brings Design and Durability to Fendt Tractors

Solvaro's manufacturing capabilities with perforated sheet metal help bring style as well as durability to uniquely designed vehicles.

Fendt's 936 Black Beauty which uses a Solvaro perforated sheet for its engine bonnet.
Fendt's 936 Black Beauty which uses a Solvaro perforated sheet for its engine bonnet.

Young, attractive and dynamic – today’s farmers don’t hesitate when it comes to showing what they’ve got to work with. This means their operating resources have to not only look appealing, but also provide the latest technology and high performance as well. With its Vario and Black Beauty models from the 936 series, Fendt meets these requirements in its own, inimitable fashion. Numerous well-thought-out illumination components, an airy, light driver’s cab and the transparent engine bonnet made of Solvaro perforated sheet result in tractors with a powerful look – one that leaves no doubt about their performance. Fantastic features that have won several design awards – including the Silver Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and the international red dot design award.

Remaining cool during continuous operation

This is the self-appointed task of Solvaro, the provider of tailored solutions made of perforated sheet and non-perforated metal. To manufacture the perforated sheet for the transparent engine bonnets Fendt puts on their tractors, Solvaro used a technology that allows the material to remain highly stable despite the perforations. As a result, the company was able to implement Fendt’s unusual design, overcoming any technical challenges. After all, the covering for a 360-HP engine has to meet stringent requirements. As well as feeding sufficient cooling air to the engine, it also has to protect against dirt and provide stability. With a free cross section of up to 80%, the honeycomb perforation (Hv: hexagonal offset) that Solvaro developed enables a high airflow rate. Air, yes – dirt, no! Thanks to small holes with a diameter of approximately 2 mm, dirt stays outside the engine compartment. The perforated sheet guarantees that the 360 HP does not overheat and that dirt does not contaminate the engine compartment – day in, day out.

Keeping the power of 360 horses in check

Appealing design, sturdy construction and low weight are additional factors used to counter the effects of weathering during daily use. High quality and proper machining are essential. The good deep-drawing properties of the Hv perforations provided the required room for maneuver for creating an extremely appealing, functional design that underscores the powerful look. The decisive factor: there is no crosspiece fracture despite the high free cross section. The honeycomb structure of the perforation delivers the required stability and rigidity of the engine bonnet cover and provides significant weight reduction at the same time. The Fendt large tractor receives plenty of air for its 360 horsepower and cuts a good figure – even when it is doing the dirtiest work.

Solvaro – precision at a glance

  • Hv honeycomb perforation guarantees high free cross sections of up to 80%
  • The honeycomb structure means that the material retains its natural stability
  • Excellent deep-drawing properties
  • No crosspiece fracture
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Appealing technical design