PurePOWER Technologies Offers Lost Foam Castings

PurePOWER Technologies is offering a lost foam casting process, helping reduce costs and increase casting flexibility.

PurePOWER Technologies LLC announces that it will begin using the ductile iron lost foam casting process in its foundry in Waukesha, WI this year. This new process can produce near net shape castings without cores, and provide the opportunity to combine assembled components. These efficiencies save machining cost, time and money. 

For those in metal casting, there is nothing that can match the ability of the Lost Foam process to cast complex shaped castings with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. “Adding this capability to the PurePOWER portfolio will further enable growth and success,” says Rick Bacon, Director, Foundry Operations, PurePOWER Technologies, “We are very excited to bring this opportunity to simultaneously reduce costs while increasing value for the customer.”

Lost Foam casting is a unique process. The expendable pattern allows maximum flexibility for functional designs that is not possible in other casting processes. Lost Foam Casting represents an approach to producing castings that in some cases can eliminate the machining of cast parts. It also opens up the possibility of casting components in one piece that previously had to be cast as separate parts which then were machined and bolted together. This form of molding also reduces stress lines due to lack of parting lines typical in other casting forms.

In addition to design improvements, businesses can benefit from other cost savings associated with increased quality, weight reduction, reduced capital investment, and improved functionality.