Bremen Castings' On-Site Health Clinic Helps Employees and the Company Save on Healthcare Costs

To help employees with the burden of rising healthcare costs, Bremen Castings has set up an on-site healthcare clinic for its employees and their families.

With the lack of clarity surrounding Obamacare provisions, many companies are blindly navigating the way in which they will provide healthcare for their employees. Rather than wait for these provisions to take effect, some companies are taking the healthcare of their employees into their own hands such as Bremen Castings, a foundry and machine shop in Bremen, IN.

President JB Brown explains that his company opened an on-site wellness center for employees so they will always have access to affordable healthcare. “At a time when more businesses than ever before are looking for ways to cut back on healthcare services to control costs, we have decided to put that service at the forefront for our employees,” says Brown. “In addition, our facility is cash-free, meaning that employees and dependents can receive free generic prescriptions and care.”

Below are a few of the reasons Bremen Castings has decided to take control over their healthcare services:

Easy Accessibility: By bringing the doctor (and nurse practitioner, RN and medical assistant to be exact) on-site, patients can receive medical attention in a more timely fashion. The clinic operates 40 hours a week and is open to both employees and their families.

Control Costs: With the price of premiums and deductibles soaring due to increased demand, Bremen is helping to control costs and raise its bottom-line by opening a healthcare clinic rather than depend solely on external medical services.

Obamacare Uncertainty: With pages upon pages of the law to be determined, there are doubts as to which provisions will stick at all. With the implementation of the wellness center, employees are not left waiting on the sidelines.

Higher Tax Effects: The healthcare law will yield higher taxes on personal income, increasing the cost of healthcare and leaving less money to spend on business. The cash-free clinic will keep employees from being nickel and dimed for routine medical check-ups.

Long-Term Health Awareness: The mission of the wellness center is a commitment to long-term healthcare. The purpose of the facility is not only for treating sickness but also an asset for employees and their families to obtain health education and live a healthier life.