D&S Manufacturing becomes a majority employee-owned company

D&S Manufacturing announces it has become a majority employee-owned company.

To ensure continued local ownership of the company, and to reward the employees responsible for its success, Mike Dougherty, President of D&S Manufacturing, announces that through an additional stock purchase by its ESOP trustee, the company is now majority employee-owned. Dougherty explained that the decision to make D&S Manufacturing majority employee-owned ensures that the facility will stay in Black River Falls, WI, and employee owners will continue to be motivated, productive employees. 

D&S Manufacturing is a certified manufacturer of large-scale components, assemblies and complete weldments crafted from carbon steel plate as well as aluminum and stainless steel. In addition, the company offers an integrated lineup of value-added services, including liquid spray painting, powder coating, shot blasting, assembly and testing.

Diligence and commitment have always been the tradition and hallmark of the talented D&S workforce. D&S has been a strong and positive presence in the Black River Falls community and D&S workers are a productive, contributing part of their community.

To maximize employee commitment to ownership, D&S has initiated training programs to reinforce employee-owners' understanding of their individual opportunity to positively impact the bottom line which will in turn increase the value of their stock. The talented staff continues to contribute to the company's success and by becoming majority employee-owned, D&S Manufacturing shows its commitment to them while staying strong in the Black River Falls community. By increasing employee ownership, each employee is inspired to continue to look for ways to improve quality and productivity.

The D&S Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established in 1993 as a type of employee retirement plan. A trustee company holds employees shares of the company's stock which have been allocated to all employees meeting minimum service requirements. When employees leave the company, through retirement or other reasons, they receive their stock, which the company must buy back at fair market value. Employees do not pay taxes on the contributions into their accounts, and can roll distributions into an IRA or other retirement plan when they leave the company.