AT&F Adds New Cutting Technology to Wisconsin Facility

AT&F has added a new cutting machine capable of cutting plates as large as 10 ft. x 40 ft., and will be used for customers in construction, mining and other heavy-duty applications.

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AT&F, a global leader in the steel fabricating industry, is investing in new cutting technology to be installed in its Wisconsin facility. The new high definition plasma cutting machine boasts an innovative five-axis bevel head, capable of cutting up to 2 in. (50 mm) thick. It has the latest in CNC controls and supporting software resulting in superior small diameter hole cutting accuracy. The ability to cut contour bevels creates opportunities for design-related enhancements to weldments and other fabricated structures. This machine closely matches one that is in use at AT&F's Cleveland, OH, facility. The large working envelope allows plates as large as 10 ft. x 40 ft. (3.05 m x 12.19 m) to be cut on the machine. The new equipment is scheduled to be online by August 2016.

"We are investing heavily into AT&F Wisconsin and greatly improving our capabilities here," says Michael Forde Ripich, AT&F President and CEO. "This new machine and similar investments put action behind our credo of 'We Invest in Customer Success.'"

Ripich adds, "This, in addition to our large machining center, will allow us to serve both current and new customers in the local area and do much to complement our global operations."

The advanced five-axis bevel cutting head will produce both a smooth edge and cleaner finished parts. Traditionally, the beveling operation was performed on separate equipment. This technology allows for multiple steps and part preparation to be performed on a single asset, thus improving efficiency and lowering costs. AT&F Wisconsin specializes in full assembly work and plans to use the new equipment for customers in construction, mining, defense, shipbuilding, bridge support and other industries in the Great Lakes region requiring steel fabrication.