Gauge Marking Label

Visual Workplace Inc. introduces its Gauge Marking Label, designed to help operators quickly identify and inspect operating parameters.

Visualworkplace P522 Gauge Mar 10810408

Visual Workplace Inc. introduces Gauge Marking Label – a simple and cost-effective means for machine operators to quickly identify gauge and inspection parameters and specifications.

  • Well suited for error-proofing Go-No-Go gauges, pressure/vacuum gauges, alignment/measurement gauges and other inspection tools
  • Helps maximize productivity and quality control
  • Can be used in numerious applications such as tinting windows, enhancing signage, applying to backlit signage and reducing lighting glare
  • 2.0 mil thick, and available in red, yellow or green 12 in. x 16 in. sheets
  • Can be applied to most smooth surfaces including glass, metal, PVC, magnet, plastic corrugated, dry erase board, reflective vinyl acrylic and others
  • Material promotes optimal cutting, weeding, lifting and transfer
  • Easily cuttable by hand, or sheets can be fed into a plotter for precision cutting
  • Indoor use is recommended, but can withstand outdoor use for up to seven years
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