Newest Version of Maple Provides Improved CAD System Connectivity

Maplesoft announces enhancements to its latest version of Maple provide users with improved connectivity to major CAD systems.

Cad Connectivity Pressrelease
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The recently released version of Maple comes with improved connectivity to major CAD systems. Maple 16 extends its support to Autodesk Inventor 2012, Solidworks 2012 and Siemens NX 8.

CAD users can take advantage of Maple's computational power to analyze and optimize designs. By using Maple, CAD users determine the mathematical relationships between objects and how changes to object properties impact other objects in their design. Users can retrieve parameters from a CAD model, optimize those parameters, and update the CAD model with the revised parameter values directly from the Maple environment. Using the Maple programming language, built-in API commands, and interactive technical document environment, users can also create easy-to-use specialized tools for part reconfiguration and optimization, to share with other engineers.

“By enabling the exchange of information between CAD systems and Maple, we bring our core technology to a broader range of engineers,” says Laurent Bernardin, Executive Vice President, Maplesoft. “With the world's most robust math engine, live design documentation, system level modeling and simulation, CAD connectivity and code generation, Maplesoft products like Maple and MapleSim support all stages of the design lifecycle.”

Maple easily integrates into development projects using a wide range of connectivity features. In addition to CAD connectivity, features like external calling, the OpenMaple API, web connectivity, extensive import and export tools, and connectivity with other software, make it easy to incorporate Maple seamlessly into existing engineering toolchains.