Bosch Rexroth MASAR IoT Software

Bosch Rexroth MASAR software enables manufacturers to connect off-highway vehicles to the Internet of Things (IoT) and create fuel efficient, automated vehicle systems.

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Bosch Rexroth is expanding its Internet of Things software capabilities to off-highway vehicles used in construction and agriculture with its MASAR software.

  • Offers entire modular system of mobile electronics, software, control panels and electrohydraulic components to facilitate data exchange between engine’s control unit and hydraulic systems
  • Open hardware and software architectures economical and customizable implementation 
  • Helps increase fuel efficiency, automate complex or hazardous processes, and cut maintenance costs
  • Scalable and can be used on any make of vehicle with minimal programming input
  • Enables manufacturers to configure special functionalities if required
  • System data is gathered and forwarded via central radio unit to operator’s or manufacturer’s private server, or the Bosch IoT cloud, allowing detection of increasing wear before it results in failure and predictive maintenance procedures to be implemented
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