MapleSim 2019

Maplesoft introduces the latest version of its system-level modeling and simulation platform MapleSim 2019.

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Maplesoft announces the release of MapleSim 2019, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform.

  • Features improved performance, more tools for programmatic analysis and model development, and expanded  connectivity options
  • Reduces model development and analysis time while producing fast, high-fidelity simulations
  • Improvements to user interface provides ability for faster model creation
  • MapleSim Application Programming Interface (API) offers collection of procedures for manipulating, simulating and analyzing MapleSim models in the Maple document environment
  • Expanded API provides more flexibility for model creation and analysis
  • API commands make it easier to analyze parameters in a model programmatically
  • Commands use full processing power of computer, automatically detecting and using all available processor cores to perform computations in parallel for faster computations and results
  • High-frequency tasks can be completed quickly and easily with new component connections, enhanced line routing that combines improved automatic layout with finer manual control, and more easily managed parameter lists 
  • Connectivity add-ons include connectors for Simulink, JMAG-RT, VI-CarRealTime, B&R Automation Studio, and FMI
  • MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon provides increased capacity to model advanced hydraulics components
  • Features transparency option for visualization of multibody objects that allows engineers to add additional visual context to their models
  • Includes advanced features, such as automatic handling of mass and inertia information for CAD geometry components and a Modelica code view that displays annotations
  • Fully compatible with latest version of Maple
  • Results manager provides greater flexibility when investigating simulation results and exploring designs
  • Enables comparison of multiple simulation runs at the click of a button, including simulations of a single model and simulations of different models
  • Allows instant plotting of behavior of any variable, including variables that were not explicitly probed during the simulation
  • Results manager includes ability to easily visualize correspondence between 2D plot results and 3D visualization of the model during simulation
  • Eases creation, management and sharing of libraries of custom components
  • Includes expanded support of Modelica language so that more Modelica definitions can be used directly inside MapleSim
  • MapleSim Connector for FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) supports more export options for co-simulation and model exchange
  • MapleSim Battery Library, available as a separate add-on, allows incorporation of physics-based predictive models of battery cells into multidomain models to take battery behavior into account early in design process
  • New built-in and add-on components and expanded support for external libraries means that engineers can create more models, faster
  • Expands scope of models that can be created using pre-existing components, with additions to hydraulics, electrical, multibody, and more
  • Available in both English, Japanese and French
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