MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon

Maplesoft introduces the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon, a component library that allows engineers to incorporate hydraulics components into their system designs in MapleSim.

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Maplesoft announces the latest addition to the MapleSim product family, the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon. This component library is the result of a technology partnership with Modelon, the renowned developer of high-quality Modelica libraries.

  • Allows seamless incorporation of industry-tested hydraulics components while continuing to take full advantage of all the modeling, analysis and simulation abilities of MapleSim
  • Includes over 150 components for modeling pumps, motors, cylinders, restrictions, valves, hydraulic lines, lumped volumes and sensors
  • Enables production of very high-fidelity models by accounting for compressible oil and cavitation effects, resulting in an extremely accurate view of system dynamics
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